December 1 - Reflections on Compassion

Being present by transforming our own hearts so our lives can positively affect those around us. This week's service will be led by Cathy Okhuysen. 


December 8 - Seasonal Stories

Tina Charpentier will offer seasonal stories of Robert Fulghum and others. 


December 15 - Lectio Divina

Kimberly Cloutier Green leads Lectio Divina, an ancient form of prayer that invites you to hear a sacred text or peom with your heart gradually attuning itself to a word, phrase or image within the text that has special resonance for you. 


December 22- Returning Light

Anne Deminoff will lead a contemplative celebration of the returning light!


December 29 - Year's End

Peter Okhuysen will offer reflections on the Year's end. 


For more information, please contact Anne Deminoff at 603-436-4197 or at