Adult Opportunities

South Church is a vibrant and healthy community because of the involvement of our members. We encourage everyone to share of their time and talents, and to take advantage of our many opportunities for learning and growth.

  • Social Justice: There are many ways to serve the world and our local community through involvement at South Church. Our Social Justice Associates, Green Sanctuary Team, Religious Education program and our ministers regularly highlight ways to plug in large and small ways.
  • Adult Spiritual Enrichment: Learning and spiritual growth are the work of a lifetime. We aspire to challenge and nurture our members through a wide variety of workshops, classes, spiritual affinity groups, forums and more.
  • Community Building: Many members of South Church really began to feel at home here when we began to build connections with other folks. There are many ways to meet other people, build lasting relationships, and find your place in our community.
  • Denominational Connections: The Northern New England District and the Unitarian Universalist Association provide links to the larger community of Unitarian Universalists. Through classes offered at the district level, national social justice initiatives and the Partner Church program, South Church members can serve and connect with Unitarian Universalists from all over the region and world.

Interested? To learn more about any of these ways of getting involved, simply follow the links on this page. And if you wish to reflect on all these opportunities and your spiritual journey, consider setting up an appointment with one of our ministers. They’re glad to help you find the right place to plug in.