Green Sanctuary

The Mission of the Green Sanctuary Team is to affirm and promote the 7th principle of Unitarian Universalists: “Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.”
South Church was certified as a Green Sanctuary by the Unitarian Universalist Association in March 2010. The Green Sanctuary Team continues to support environmental and sustainability efforts within South Church and the wider community. Our emphasis is on the UUA Statements of Conscience on Global Warming/Climate Change and Ethical Eating.

Ethical Eating

As Unitarian Universalists, we are called to address our relationship with food. Our Principles call for recognition of and respect for the other. Ethical eating is the application of our Principles to our food choices. ( ) Sustainable Harvest International (SHI) is working for environmental, economic and social sustainability in Central America including teaching sustainable farming methods. South Church has made substantial donations that are being used to help families in Boom Creek, Belize through church collections, selling SHI products and Gifts of Hope at the Alternative Gift Fair, and profits from the sale of Equal Exchange products. For more information on SHI visit

Equal Exchange Fair Trade Products (EE) offers fair trade products produced by democratically run farmer coops in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Coffee is shade-grown, thus helping the environment by not cutting down trees. Equal Exchange coffee is used at Coffee Hour and the products are sold several times a year. Information on Equal Exchange is available at

Donations to Food Pantries, our members/friends are encouraged to donate fresh, local, and/or organic food to local food pantries. Information on donating to Food Pantries can be found at Cross Roads House ( will accept fresh produce at any time. It's best to contact the Food Service Coordinator, Barbara Mata (603-436-2218 x111) so she can make plans for perishable donations.

For information on summer and winter Farmer's Markets visit

Climate change

Threat of Global Warming/Climate Change: We declare by this Statement of Conscience that we will not acquiesce to the ongoing degradation and destruction of life that human actions are leaving to our children and grandchildren. We as Unitarian Universalists are called to join with others to halt practices that fuel global warming/climate change, to instigate sustainable alternatives, and to mitigate the impending effects of global warming/climate change with just and ethical responses. a full statement is available at
South Church Green Renovation Policy The following policy was approved by our Board of Trustees at the meeting on 9/15/2009: In order for South Church to be a truly Green Sanctuary, when making decisions about building improvements, renovations and purchasing, it is understood that environmentally sustainable options will always be considered and given priority.
Increasing the energy efficiency will reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, employ local businesses during the weatherization process, keep more dollars in our local economy, increase our national security, and lessen our impact on our environment.
For more information about South Church's Green sanctuary group contact Hilary Clark at