Youth Social Justice

Our programs for children and youth provide the youngest members of our congregation with a solid spiritual and ethical foundation that will serve them throughout their lives.  Offerings include Sunday morning classes, youth groups, social justice projects, special events and more.

Social Justice and Community

Outreach Opportunities for Children and Families Our sixth UU principle calls us to “help build a peaceful, fair and free world.” We take this call seriously and offer opportunities throughout the year for our families to engage in service and justice work. •

  • Bring your Weight in Food drive - brings congregants of all ages together for our annual food drive to support the Seacoast Family Food Pantry. Congregants are encouraged to bring donations equaling their weight, the weight of the smallest child.. the weight of a beloved pet—in food donations! Basically, bring as much as you can! We collect the donations at church where our Senior Youth group load it up and bring it over to the food pantry.
  • Children’s Chapel Collection - our elementary aged students engage in a children’s chapel on the first Sunday of most months. As a part of this program, children at South church can mirror the community support endeavors we engage in through the collections at worship. Our children’s chapel goers explore a number of community charities during the year, and vote on a recipient who receives half of our annual collection.
  • Fair Trade Coffee/Tea sale - Upper elementary students at South Church assist in a monthly sale of Fair trade goods during social hour. The profits of this sale benefit the UUSC and Sustainable Harvest International, an organization with whom our congregation has close ties.
  • SFP - Twice yearly, families and adults in our congregation help to host Seacoast Family Promise, families with young children who are experiencing homelessness. For one week in the spring, and for two weeks each summer, we open our doors for these families. Volunteers are recruited to help make meals, share dinner with our guests, and to sleep overnight. For more information or to get involved, contact our office.
  • Community action and events - there are many more opportunities during the year. Keep an eye on our Nuusflash to hear whats happening now!