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Why are we not back to in-person church yet? 

The simple answer is, shifting from virtual church back to in-person church is complicated. The Covid Task force (public health and policy professionals in the congregation who have been helping to set policy over this past year) agreed in early June that community health concerns were being mitigated to the degree that it was reasonable to prepare for in-person worship. We set a tentative date at that time and that date was approved at the June Board meeting. We then need to re-configure a whole bunch of things, including clear policy to maximize safety for the unvaccinated people in our community (children and some adult members for various reasons). 

This summer, the congregation's work includes:

  • Recruiting volunteers for the many needs of in-person church <--This is a big hurdle! We need to have a church clean-up day this summer (as there is a lot of clutter/many outdated group bulletin boards, etc. We need ushers, greeters, RE volunteers, Adult program leaders, and a tech support team, just to name a few of the volunteer categories that have been on hiatus since March 2020! - Summer is a really challenging time to make that happen because many folks are travelling/not attending church right now, and many are tired from the volunteer roles they held over the past year!
  • Completing installation of equipment in the sanctuary that will allow us to livestream services. 
  • Continuing to monitor the more contagious variants that are spreading 
  • Communicating with families of children who do not yet qualify for vaccines to hear how to best include them in church this fall
  • Shifting the worship teams from virtual recording schedules to in-person routines that are now needing to be relearned
  • Scheduling a test of the livestreaming equipment, and allowing the worship team to transition with two livestreamed services before welcoming back the congregation
  • And the covid task force still needs to finalize a policy around singing/wind instruments in the sanctuary, as well as setting a policy for social hour. 
  • And probably several other things that we aren't thinking about as we write this list!

Assuming all goes well, we will be sitting in pews in September!

If you have other questions, concerns, or thoughts please reach out to the office! 

We all share your longing to be getting back together... In the meantime, keep your eye out for opportunities to volunteer!