South Church Search Committee 2019-2021

South Church is looking for a settled minister to serve and lead our congregation. We began a process of searching for a new settled minister or ministers in the summer of 2019, after the departure of our last settled ministers towards the end of the previous winter. The Members of the Search Committee were chosen through a process guided by our Board of Trustees, and the committee was convened in the fall of 2019. South Church is working with the Unitarian Universalist Association in this process and abiding by the guidelines put forth in the Settlement Handbook. We intend to find a settled minister in the spring of 2021.

The members of South Church Search Committee covenant to embrace an attitude of EXTREME INTENTIONALITY.
We accept that being a member of the Search Committee is not just a task to do but a spiritual commitment to representing the congregation in the choice of the next religious leader. 
We intend to be open, honest and direct with one another about feelings, limitations, and needs. We will listen to one another and be willing to ask questions and hear one another even if the conversations are challenging or uncomfortable. 

Given the unusual circumstance of conducting a Search during a pandemic, we acknowledge that there will be challenges. We covenant to embrace the challenges with respect and flexibility, and be respectful of each other's needs and strengths, understanding that these will change throughout the process. 

We are ready to accept that, due to the unique circumstances surrounding the time we are in, we may not find the right minister to call during this cycle. 

We will fulfill this covenant by:
- Showing up for meetings, prepared to address agenda items
- Demonstrating responsiveness to emails and messages posted on Basecamp within 3 days.
- Establishing sacred space with opening and closing words, chalice lighting, and check in.
- Exploring various ways of interacting with each other, church administrators, and congregants during this largely "virtual" Search process.

Please take some time to explore the Search pages, meet your Search Committee, and stay up to date on current Search News. 

Photo Kimberlys Cottage Mtg

Search Committee Cottage Meeting