Social Justice Associates

The Social Justice Associates at South Church are actively involved in advocacy efforts, typically focused on two areas at a time. A new theme is chosen each year by its members in June and each theme lasts for 2 years. For 2021, the SJA is working on the final year of climate justice and the first year of economic justice. The Social Justice Associates will regularly inform all members of South Church about events and initiatives important to our congregation. 

Current members include Mary Banach, Linda Benham, Joanne Foster, Connie Freiermuth. Anna Howard, Janet Polasky, Robin Schnell and David Thompsen. 



Goal: Contribute to efforts to stop climate change

Strategy: Join with others to halt practice that fuel climate change, to promote sustainable alternative, and to mitigate the negative impacts on populations least able to adapt. 


  • Sponsor events that educate our congregants and the wider community about the causes, consequences, and possible remediation of climate change
  • Inform and encourage congregants and members of the community to take action in support of policies, behaviors and practices that will address climate change 
  • Work with other organizations to present a united front for implementing solutions to climate change

Economic Justice

Goal: Educate and advocate for policy changes to ensure equitable access to jobs with fair ages, to enable access to housing, healthcare, childcare and education

Strategy: First, join with Raise Up NH to produce a recorded roundtable discussion with New Hampshire stakeholders, and distribute an educational document that contains links to thought-provoking articles and wage-related data. Second, inform and recommend advocacy actions regarding current NH and federal legislation. 


  • Establish partnerships with organizations who endeavor to improve the lives of workers through fair wages
  • Inspire informed advocacy throughout New Hampshire and the U.S. for living wages. This includes an understanding of what a living wage means

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