Pocket Gardens of Portsmouth

30th Annual Tour

Friday, June 21, 5-8pm and Saturday, June 22, 9am-3pm

Tickets: $20 in advance, $25 the weekend of the tour

Rain or shine!

The historic and charming small city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is known for its “pocket gardens” - tucked behind fences creeping with clematis or hidden behind sturdy Arbor vitae trees.

These hidden gems have long intrigued those who pass by. What could be there? How would the homeowner work with the shade of that big maple, what would the gardener do with that sunny nook?

For 30 years now, a group of people from South Church, have worked to find answers to those questions and many more. Picking a different neighborhood nearly every year, they have asked willing homeowners to share their gardens one weekend each June with those who love to garden. And the result is the very popular Portsmouth Pocket Garden Tour, which draws people from throughout the Seacoast area and well beyond.

This year, they have chosen the neighborhoods of Christian Shore and The Creek in the north end of the city. Anchored by a nearby elementary school and the North Mill Pond, the gardens on this year’s tour were chosen with sustainability in mind, with flower gardens interspersed with vegetable plots and herb nooks.

The tour will take place June 21st 5-from 8 p.m. and on June 22 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. The ticket pamphlet contains all the information you'll need: a list of the gardens' addresses and a  detailed tour map.  Suggested places to park are shown in the ticket brochure. 

Starting May 1st, 201, tickets will be available for $ 20.00 in advance ($25.00 day of the tour) by visiting the South Church website, Follow us on Facebook at Portsmouth Pocket Garden Tour for   future posts  of up-to-date information on the tour and a listing of additional retail locations where tickets can be purchased.