What We Offer

People of all ages learn and grow at South Church.

Children and youth benefit from a wonderful religious education program, under the guidance of our Director of Religious Education, our ministers, and a team of over sixty dedicated volunteers.

Through classes, fellowship, and community service, our children and youth develop courage, confidence, generosity of spirit, clarity and deep connections—a solid foundation to support them in leading authentic, joyous, and meaningful lives.

Adults have a wide range of learning opportunities from which to choose—classes, workshops, justice-making opportunities, community forums, theological affinity groups, and more.

  • Adult Programs

    At South Church we encourage each other to enrich our lives by connecting in a variety of different ways. Here are some of the ongoing programs and activities available to our adult members. Most are open to non-member, visitors as well.

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  • Children & Youth

    Guided by our Unitarian Universalist principles and sources, the mission of our RE Program is to provide programming for children, youth and families that promotes spiritual growth, intergenerational connections, faith development, a UU identity and social action within a safe and welcoming environment.

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  • Music

    With music we connect to our deepest, innermost selves, we connect to each other, making a community, and we connect to something larger than ourselves.  At South Church we connect to music through singing, chanting, playing instruments and listening.  We express our joy, our sadness and our gratefulness.

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