Our Mission

As a Unitarian Universalist congregation, South Church is self-governing and not bound by religious creed or doctrine. Our members determine the mission of the church, usually in collaboration with our settled ministers. Together, we discern the programs and congregational structures that best serve our community, and allow us to serve the Seacoast as a beacon of liberal religious values.

In keeping with our shared Unitarian Universalist principles, South Church members, clergy and staff, affirm and enact our congregation’s mission, which states:

At South Church, we nurture spiritual growth through worship, learning and community,
We celebrate the worth and dignity of all people,
And we inspire one another to act on our faith in the larger community.

Our Covenant

In 2014, the congregation voted unanimously to adopt a Covenant of Right Relations. The final product resulted from a year-long period of conversation and reflection.

A covenant of right relations is an expression of our shared values. It is a set of promises to one another about how we want to be in community together. Building community is an ongoing spiritual practice. Inviting the spirit of love and gratitude into our interactions, we each work to develop skills and promote practices that strengthen the bonds of relationship. We aspire to co-create a spiritual community of people with open hearts and open minds.


  • We cultivate attentive listening, speaking with care and compassionate honesty.
  • We engage one another thoughtfully, recognizing that different thoughts and opinions are intrinsic to human beings.
  • We are responsible for ourselves and speak from our own experience. We do not rely on second-hand information.
  • We trust in one another’s good intentions and that our actions have an impact, regardless of intentions.
  • When we hurt one another or are hurt by another, we communicate our discomfort directly.
  • We resolve conflicts through compromise and collaboration and, when necessary, request mediation through committee chairs, group facilitators, our ministers or others.

Through these actions, we build trust and create a loving and safe community.