2021-2022 Associate Program Applications are open!

Applications for two-year appointments to Pastoral, Worship, Fellowship, Social Justice Associates and our NEW Learning Associates are available!

  • PAs, WAs, FAs, SJAs, and LAs serve two-year terms, beginning and ending on June 1.
  • Pastoral Associates provide pastoral care for our church community.
  • Worship Associates assist the ministers with morning worship.
  • Fellowship Associates engage us in a variety of welcome and membership programs and offerings.
  • Social Justice Associates encourage and support social justice endeavors within and beyond our walls.
  • Learning Associates create and support lifespan approaches to faith development and religious education for the South Church congregation
  • You will be joining a group of loving, generous, experienced Associates who will help you “get on board” during the first several months of your tenure. Training for all new Associates is offered by the Shared Ministry Committee. You are in good hands! 

If you are interested in applying, download and print the following forms by clicking on them and return completed forms to the South Church office:


Associates Program Application Form and Recommendation Form




Who is eligible to serve in a South Church Associate program? Any member of South Church can apply to serve as an associate in one of the five associate programs: Pastoral, Worship, Social Justice, Fellowship and Learning. You are considered a “member” of South Church if you have signed the Membership book and are active in the life of our congregation. New this year, Senior Youth are also permitted and encouraged to apply for a one year term. Youth will be paired with an adult from the same Associate program.

What is my work as a South Church Associate? The answer depends on the program. Here are some general guidelines:

  • Pastoral Associates assist the minister by extending pastoral care and services to church members and by organizing and maintaining a Wider Network of Care. Pastoral Associates provide support for church members in times of celebration (a new life coming into the world), times of illness, isolation  and need for connection, and in times of disconnection. Typical service includes sending cards, visiting the sick or home-bound, providing a hot meal, calling someone who is lonely, or contacting someone who has lost a loved one. Email the associates at ( ).  
  • Worship Associates enrich the experience of worship by involving the laity in the worship life of the church. Worship Associates are responsible for consulting with ministers on worship at South Church, assisting ministers with liturgical elements of worship, and organizing any lay-led Sunday services. Involvement in worship begins for new WA's in the late spring of each year and includes summer worship support. Email the associates at
  • Social Justice Associates support social justice endeavors for the church and local community. They provide organizational support, education, and activism on social justice issues through a nonhierarchical group process. Currently, we are focusing our efforts on an overarching theme that connects our events/programs/actions throughout the church year. The SJA's coordinate the monthly Shared Collection program, including the congregational voting process by which recipient organizations are selected.
  • Fellowship Associates are W.I.S.E., responsible for creating and overseeing procedures for welcoming visitors, inviting visitors into a membership discernment process, sustaining membership, and engaging the entire community in hospitality practices. Typical FA activities include coordinating the South Church Greeter program, organizing congregational fellowship opportunities, and supporting the new member joining process. Email the associates at
  • Learning Associates serve as spokespeople for the learning component of the South Church missions, including the value of our programs for children, youth and adults. Each year, the LA's will organize 3 to 4 initiatives that include an annual open house to support understanding of our faith and development offerings, a forum series on lifespan faith development, coordination of a Families TUUgether discussion and a leadership development series. Once this program is up and running, contact information will follow. 

How long is an Associate term? Associate terms are two years, beginning and ending in mid-May.If for some reason you need to resign before your two-year commitment is fulfilled, you are expected to notify the convener for your group who will in turn inform the Shared Ministry Committee of the need to recruit a new member.

What time commitment is required? As a general rule, plan to devote 5 to 10 hours per month to your program. Each program has unique time demands and schedule of meetings. In addition, time commitments can vary from month to month according to changing needs of the population you serve and the activities and events your program takes on.

How often do the associate programs meet? Experience has shown that monthly meetings are critical to the success and effectiveness of the associate programs. That’s why you are expected to attend all monthly meetings and to participate fully in sharing the workload of your program. In addition, you are encouraged to attend any in-service training opportunities and occasional “check-in” events sponsored by the Shared Ministry Committee.

Can I serve a second (consecutive) term? If at the end of your term, you want to continue to serve, you are welcome to apply for a second two-year term. The Shared Ministry Committee recognizes, however, that a period of rest and reflection is beneficial after two years of service. We encourage you to mindfully and honestly evaluate your energy and commitment level when considering a second consecutive term.

How do I apply for a second (consecutive) term?

  • To continue in your current program:You must notify the Shared Ministry Committee in writing of your intention to “re-up” by mid-January. The Committee will treat your notification letter as an application for one of the open seats in the program and schedule an interview with you. Your appointment for a second term is not guaranteed.
  • To apply to another program:Obtain and complete an application for that program. You will be contacted by the Shared Ministry Committee to set up an interview.

Questions? The Shared Ministry Committee is responsible for facilitating the smooth and effective operation recruitment for the associate programs, including recruitment. If you have any questions, please contact the South Church office.